Fuel Drain


​There are an estimated 150,000 misfuels in the UK each year, mainly unleaded into diesel due to the wider filler necks. This is easily done and can lead to expensive manufacturer repair charges to clean and renew fuel systems. AUTOTEC utilise a revolutionary mobile system that can remove contaminated fuel and flush the complete fuel system allowing for refueling with the correct fuel, this is done quickly and safely.

Don't let the diesel bug bite

If your boat or yacht is idle for any length of time, the chances are the fuel will have deteriorated and will show bacterial build-up, whether your tank is full or partly full. Water and biomass build-up can lead to reduced engine performance, or even catastrophic breakdown.

Most engine breakdowns while ‘on the water’ are caused by fuel contamination the contamination can be caused by a number of factors, including: Water – Condensation – Bacterial action – Fungi – Algae – The ‘Diesel Bug’ Biomass build-up – Oxidisation – Fuel Ageing

Marine fuel drain service

Have your fuel ‘drained, cleaned and refilled and do so on a regular basis. This is much more economical than replacing all the fuel each time there is a problem – especially now that we have to pay pump prices for new diesel fuel!

We visit you; we use specially-designed equipment to condition the fuel in your tank(s). We visit you at your marina and extract the fuel clean it through our equipment and return it to the tank. This service is quick and simple. You don’t lose any fuel. You don’t have to pay for replacement fuel. And we take care of the safe disposal of any contaminant.

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